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EBU BroadThinking 2014: Forget Multiscreen, We Are Heading Towards ONE Screen

This year the EBU BroadThinking Conference was sounding like a holistic swirl, a milestone in the trend of technology to define sets that are greater than the sum of their parts, through creative evolution. « Where Broadcast Meets BroadBand », you get some interesting fusion effect occurring and diluting the traditional boundaries of the screens, with the handheld devices being part of the big screen experience or extending it rather than trying to scalp it, in an environment where all the devices converge towards a restricted set of standards rather than tracing their own line.   While we by default think that standardization kills creativity, events like BroadThinking show that it's the opposite: if we gather energies to solve common problems together, we can both come up with

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The new frontiers of OTT delivery: Multicast, P2P & Hybrid

DISCLAIMER : during my daily life I'm an Akamai Professional Services employee (Dr Jekyll), so you might want to take some critical distance with the following article. If you happen to know me personally, you also know that at nights, the blogger inside me (Mr Hyde) is always driven by objectivity and detached passion for innovation. This being said, I wish you an interesting reading! 4K streaming, mobile broadcasting for the crowd, generalized delinearization, worldwide video events... OTT delivery is just multiplying the challenges, as customers' expectations are raising each day in terms of video fast-start, instant channel switching, lack of buffer and high frame size/rate - on all devices in all network conditions. To answer those challenges, OTT delivery answer today is basically mo

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